AMVAC, Simplot to Collaborate on SIMPAS Prescription Application System

AMVAC, Simplot to Collaborate on SIMPAS Prescription Application System

AMVAC Chemical Corp. has announced collaboration with the J. R. Simplot Co. to field test the proprietary SIMPAS prescriptive application equipment from AMVAC. SIMPAS stands for Smart Integrated Multi-product Prescriptive Application System. This technology enables Simplot Grower Solutions (SGS); a division of the J. R. Simplot Co. and leading full-service agronomic input supplier, to test run the application equipment as part of the SGS comprehensive services provided to their growers. SIMPAS allows growers to apply multiple differentiated products to only the portion of the fields needing specific inputs. This is possible by using new SmartCartridge container technology to utilize on-the-row RFID-tagged containers for application.


The collaboration allows AMVAC to install hardware and software at select SGS retail locations in order for those retailers to handle and process the SmartCartridges used by SIMPAS equipment to prescriptively apply products. SGS will then be able to pre-commercially test SIMPAS SmartCartridge hardware and software at multiple SGS locations during the 2018 crop cycle in anticipation of the soft launch of the technology in 2019 by AMVAC.

According to Dave Dufault, Vice President and General Manager, J. R. Simplot Co., “We’ve been big and early supporters of 4R Nutrient Stewardship to ensure growers use the right fertilizer in the right amounts at the right time and in the right place and this technology expands these services to a total solution. Combining SmartFarm data-driven agronomy solutions from Simplot and SIMPAS technology from AMVAC, we can enable farmers to apply crop protection, nutrition and specialty products to only those areas of their fields where they’re needed. That’s good stewardship and it helps farmers maximize their return on investment.”

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