Ag-Tester Offerings Help Ensure Equipment Is Precise All The Way To The Ground

Ag-Tester Offerings Help Ensure Equipment Is Precise All The Way To The Ground

As a precision consultant based in Spencerville, OH for more than two decades, John Dignan was focused on making precision products work for his customers. The business was sold recently, but

Ag-Tester, Dignan

John Dignan demonstrating an Ag-Tester unit.

Dignan’s passion for accuracy and convenience has continued with a new company he founded called Ag-Tester.

His goal? To fill what he saw was a real need for anyone relying on equipment to do perform precision tasks – the ability to quickly and accurately test key components on big agricultural machinery, namely valves and sensors.

Without the ability to test the integrity of valves and sensors while in place on the machine, technicians are often left to spend wasted hours guessing and swapping out components in search of the bad one. Dignan’s vision was to create a testing device that quickly and accurately determines which unit is in need of replacing on the machine and in the field.

After a few years of development and testing, Dignan’s three product offerings are fully ready for prime time and will be on display at his booth at the InfoAg Conference, July 28-30 in St. Louis:

The HT101V is a hand held unit that checks the operation of any valve, either stand alone or in-line. The unit features a super bright LED readout and simple yet accurate meter functions. All test leads, patch cables, a magnetic RAM mount, battery and charger are included in the package.

The meter measures volts DC from 0 to 20, and frequency can be accurately measured from 0 to 1000 Hz, and resistance or continuity from 0 to 2000 ohms.

The HT101S provides similar testing functionality for sensors. A coax cable connector is included, allowing for simple testing of coax cables used with GPS receivers. Digital sensors can also be checked easily – blowing through the flow meter or spinning the shaft of a rate sensor causes a yellow signal light to blink, and the frequency shown on the display completes the test. Harnesses are available for either stand alone or in-line testing.

The PMW1000 tester can be used to control the pulse width modulation hydraulic control motors for testing and maintenance of sprayers, spreaders, planters and other agricultural machinery. Sprayers can be set to a specific pressure, allowing the unit to test nozzles and other spray components while checking the maximum capacities of pumping systems.

Planters can be tested running at low speeds to allow components to be checked and lubricated.

The unit engages the hydraulic system directly from the hydraulic drive motor, and provides accurate and thorough testing of any control valve from any manufacturer.

For more information, visit the Ag-Tester booth at InfoAg, or visit