Stepping Out This Winter

Stepping Out This Winter

We’re starting to hear of some interesting conferences coming up that will specifically cover technology issues — if you’re planning one, or are aware of a local or regional meeting, please take a moment and share it with us so we can pass the news to our audience.


We just recently heard from the Iowa Soybean Association about its annual On-Farm Network Research Conference, which will feature results from more than 150 replicated strip trials and a statewide corn stalk nitrate survey. The meeting will be held in Ames on March 5 at the Scheman Building in the Iowa State Center on the Iowa State University campus.

The On-Farm Network empowers Iowa growers to use precision agriculture tools (GPS, yield monitors, etc.) to conduct replicated strip trials on their own farms, study crop nutrient use (including nitrogen and manure use on corn), fungicides and insecticides, and a number of other inputs and production practices.

Conference program details will be posted soon on the On-Farm Network Web site.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and all the best to you and yours ….