History Project: Share Your Stories

History Project: Share Your Stories

Probably four years ago, I had a conversation with some manufacturers about the possibility of putting together some sort of difinitive history of precision agriculture — not a dry text book, but an interesting inside look at the people that made it happen and the development of products and practices over the course of the past two decades.


Now, as we plan to add some new tools to the PrecisionAg.com Web site, I’m ready to put a stake in the ground and say, “now is the time to get this started.” What I’d like to get from you is your stories, your insight into how it has all evolved. Were you there? Who were the unsung heros? How did the products and practices we use today evolve over time?

The accumulated stories and interviews will be placed on PrecisionAg.com as The History Project, which we hope will lead to more and more sharing, and learning, about the evolution of ag technology.

I need your input, and you can share it through a blog entry below, or send me a private message by clicking here. You can write something up, or tell us how to get hold of you so we can get in touch. Keep in mind that blog entries will be posted for others to read.

I appreciate your input, and we look forward to hearing from you!