Farmers Find New Ways To Profit With Precision Ag

Farmers Find New Ways To Profit With Precision Ag

Steve Cubbage has seen that precision agriculture use has been closely tied to farmers’ ability to see a profit from it, writes Benjamin Herrold, Missouri Farmer Today.


Farmers have kept looking for ways to use precision ag to improve their operations, even with lower crop prices the last couple of years.

Cubbage farms in Vernon County in Southwest Missouri and also owns Record Harvest, a precision ag company.

“There certainly is more of a wait-and-see kind of attitude,” he says. “There’s still going to be an adoption (of precision ag). People aren’t going to stop adopting technology if they can see the benefit on a balance sheet.”

Cubbage says with the lower prices, some farmers “aren’t buying the new paint,” but there remains strong interest in finding ways to improve and utilize technology.

“They’re looking at what kind of value can it add from an immediate perspective,” he says.

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