Too Much Of A Good Thing?

Too Much Of A Good Thing?

Equipment manufacturers pack a whole lot of punch into new equipment these days. But after sitting through a think tank meeting I was running this week, I was left wondering if it comes at the expense of serviceability.


It’s already happened with cars, hasn’t it? I still change my own oil in my car, mostly because I like being able to get inside my machine and do SOMETHING, however small, myself. I think it’s a Midwest thing. Anyway, who would dare touch much else on a car today? With all the computers and sensors and automated functions, it would be awfully easy to blow something out or mess something up.

In this meeting, the sole representative of equipment manufacturing got an earful from our participants who use or manage equipment, not about down time in general, but the nature of the down time. “Now, when things go wrong with the equipment, I have to let it sit and wait for your guys to come out,” said one panelist. “We can’t do much ourselves anymore.”

So, I’m throwing it out to the group … are you experiencing more difficult to manage down time with equipment? Or are you perfectly happy with your equipment experience these days? You can use this blog to make comments directly, or fill out the reader poll at the bottom of this edition of e-News. Hope your harvest is fruitful, and we hope to hear from you.

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