Paarlberg Heads Broadband Alliance For Agriculture

Paarlberg Heads Broadband Alliance For Agriculture

Working with guidance and direction from an Executive Board of Directors, Paarlberg is charged with developing programs to support the Broadband Alliance objectives including education and advocacy programs to make affordable internet broadband available to all. In the near term, the Broadband Alliance will be focusing on Agriculture and rural America.


“The future of American farmers, ranchers and rural agricultural businesses depend on affordable access to high-speed internet access,” Paarlberg says. “We cannot continue with the current digital divide that exists between metropolitan and rural areas.

“Farmers, ranchers and rural agricultural businesses can not remain economically competitive when less than half have high-speed internet connections. How can a country that hopes to be the number one business nation in the world rank 25th in high-speed internet connections? These issues are among those the Broadband Alliance for Agriculture is addressing,” Paarlberg concludes.

Paarlberg was formerly the Managing Director of Information Technology for Royster-Clark and has served in similar roles for IMC Agribusiness and Vigoro Industries. He brings a mix of technology and financial experience along with a deep agricultural heritage. He also serves on the advisory board of several universities. Paarlberg is widely sought-after spokesperson on technology and has been recognized for writing a column for a national agricultural publication on emerging technolgy.

The Broadband Alliance for Agriculture will announce their Executive Board of Directors shortly. “Currently we are in discussions with some of the most insightful and influential leaders in Agriculture,” Paarlberg says. “We look forward to their setting the agenda for programs”.

Individuals and companies interested in participating in the Broadband Alliance for Agriculture are encouraged to visit the website

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