Input Costs Increase Precision Interest

Input Costs Increase Precision Interest

I’m here to see view the whole agronomic package these growers are using, but I will be especially interested in the how precision technology is helping them reach their yield goals.


Precision continues to be in the news as a way to improve agronomy and efficiency and ultimately yield. Related to that point, I found a news item on Hoosier Ag Today titled, “Tight Margins Renew Interest in Precision Farming Technology.”

Author Gary Truit shared a conversation he had with Bruce Erickson, a professor at the Purdue University Ag Economics Department, at the recent Farm Progress show. Erickson, a professor with the Purdue Ag Economics Department, said the change in the farm economy has spurred a renewed interest in precision farming.

The article continues: “This technology is now allowing growers both to make the most efficient use of their fertilizer and fuel, and increasing crop yields with better crop management, In addition, input costs have increased faster than the costs of the technology, thus making it more profitable to invest in precision farming equipment.”

You can read the full story, and listen to an MP3 formatted interview with Erickson by visiting the Hoosier Ag Today website.

Should be an interesting tour, and I look forward to getting more first hand perspective on how precision technology is benefitting growers. I’ll share what I find out in next week’s newsletter.