Ag Science Featured In Pop Science

Ag Science Featured In Pop Science

We got a call this week from a writer at the magazine Popular Science, and the conversation was pretty exciting. The author is working on a series of articles that highlight how technology is shaping the future of agriculture, and she asked for some leads to chat with.


After several minutes of streaming consciousness, I finally stopped and asked if she had enough. She said she had plenty and would be “getting to work.” I sent her in a variety of directions, and between that and the research she’s already done she’ll have her hands full for the foreseeable future.

Hopefully, this won’t be the only call we get about technology in ag. For too long, the image of agriculture has been mom and apple pie and the farmer at the plow to the exclusion of the amazing feats of technology and efficiency that we’ve achieved in the computer age. We need the American public to see both images … the “soul” of agriculture is still alive, but we’re turning to technology to make us more efficient, more competitive, and better stewards of what we grow and the land we farm.

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