Ag Gateway Seeks Your Feedback On Data Pain Points

Ag Gateway Seeks Your Feedback On Data Pain Points

I am spending a couple of days here at the AgGateway Mid-Year Conference in Minneapolis this week, and it’s been great to see a lot of familiar faces and a terrific turnout of attendees. AgGateway is the organization that’s served as facilitator to agriculture’s collective efforts to bring a variety of data standards to the industry, and as evidenced by what I learned in sessions and conversations, it has moved the needle substantially in a number of areas. One area in particular is the ADAPT initiative.


Everyone who’s working, or who has attempted to work with data in ag has felt the pain incompatible systems that hamper or disable the easy movement of data across systems. ADAPT, which stands for Agricultural Data Application Programming Toolkit, has been designed to deliver on the promise of seamless communication between different precision agriculture systems regardless of the system manufacturer. It is designed to eliminate the compatibility pain point by easily enabling interoperability between different software and hardware applications.

ADAPT is essentially ready for prime time, and the committee working on ADAPT is now coordinating with software companies on plug-ins for a company’s proprietary format to allow the conversion from one format to another. Development of these plug-ins will allow for ADAPT’s broad adoption in the industry.

To help demonstrate to agriculture’s many data stakeholders the challenges that growers, retailers and trusted advisers face with incompatible systems, the ADAPT Committee is asking for market feedback in the form of an electronic survey. They, and I, would appreciate your participation in this effort.

Simply click on the link here, and fill out the questions. It should not take more than 10 minutes to share your experiences, and it could help inspire adoption of the ADAPT system. Thanks in advance for your help!