Amazone Set to Release Weed-Detecting Sprayer in Australia

Amazone Set to Release Weed-Detecting Sprayer in Australia

European farm machinery giant Amazone is set to release its UX trailed weed-detecting sprayer in Australia, which it says can reduce the cost of herbicides by up to 80% and the amount of chemical entering the environment, writes Daron Jacks on


The AmaSpot is a sensor-nozzle system that scans the paddock to spray precise applications of herbicides to individual plants, and it will treat weeds and not the soil or other plants that are indirectly targeted.

Developed with Rometron and Agrotop, the AmaSpot system combines boom-mounted GreenSense infrared sensors and pulse-width modulation nozzles.

Rather than the sprayer performing over the whole area for application of herbicides, the AmaSpot system uses its sensors to differentiate between green plants and bare ground by using a green sensor. It can then target the weed using pulse width frequency modulation and spot fan nozzle.