Zone Management in Precision Agriculture: 10 Key Questions to Ask Before Implementing Change

Another cropping season is moving right along in the Midwestern U.S., with some weather delays in many parts of the country, and other areas just starting or wrapping up with planting activities, writes Scott Speck on As we move through another season, it can be crazy to think about planning for the next cropping season and what decisions will be made.


One of the most difficult decisions that can be made is moving from a uniform management program into a variable rate management program, and deciding on the multitude of ways that variable rate programs can be built as for many producers a one size fits all may or may not fit depending on their goals. There can be many questions to ask when coming up with a zone strategy, and multiple opinions, science, and gut feelings when speaking to agronomists and service providers about how to get started or continually improving zone management.

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