Working Remote a Natural Fit for this Organic Grower

When asked what gives organic growers the advantage during tough times like these, producers gave us a surprising answer: technology.


On reflection, however, it makes sense, writes Carol Miller at Growing Produce. Precision agriculture’s aim is to address many of the same issues COVID-19 amplified, like labor shortages, organizing data to make decision making easier and faster, and making changes to production quickly.

How Technology Helps

Stephanie Pharris, Duncan Family Farms’ Equipment Fixed Asset Manager, says technology has been key to the Arizona-based organic operation as it navigated the pandemic.

This is especially true of technology that allows for remote collaboration and oversight.


“With year-round growing operations and locations spanning multiple states, a lot of our technology adoption has been aimed at working better even while apart,” she says.

Part of that includes the online communication tools Duncan Family Farms is using during the pandemic, like Microsoft Teams.

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