Why This AgTech Founder Believes Climate Change Demands Industry-Wide Innovation

The planet’s exponential population growth and redistribution correspond with increased CO2 emissions that will continue to magnify the impact of global warming in the coming decades, according to an article at Forbes. By 2050, the world’s population will include another estimated three billion people, requiring a 50% increase in the food supply. Simultaneously, there will be a continued decline in agricultural workers, as proportionately more people will live in high-density urban environments.


These changes necessitate a large influx of new technology into one of the world’s last traditional industries. New system design and orchestration technologies, as well as developments in artificial intelligence (AI), are crucial for supporting the more intelligent, efficient and sustainable food supply of the future.

Forbes Technology Council member Ashwin Madgavkar is the founder of Ceres Imaging, a 90-person startup based in Oakland, California and a leading innovator of imagery-based intelligence and analytics for the agriculture industry. He believes an increase in dramatic weather events, including severe flooding throughout the Midwestern U.S. and historic droughts in California, are having a huge impact on farmers’ risk and profitability, necessitating a fundamental, industry-wide shift across crop types and geographies.

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