Why Horticulture Is Ripe for Artificial Intelligence

Why Horticulture Is Ripe for Artificial Intelligence

It’s only been within the last few years that AI has made its debut in the agriculture sector, reports Greenhouse Grower. We’re now seeing a rapid roll-out of the technology thanks to unprecedented investment in this area. In the first half of 2017, novel farming systems raised $198 million across 21 deals, a 560% increase year over year, according to AgFunder.


Similar to the adoption curve of smartphones, eventually most greenhouse growers will be able to afford to use AI in their operations, according to Ryan Hooks, CEO of Huxley, an Amsterdam-based company that has rolled out its own new artificial intelligence platform, operated through augmented reality. When technology starts as a new and novel concept, naturally the cost will be higher, but as more growers implement AI, it’s likely to scale down in price.

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