Weed ID is Latest Offering for the Taranis Platform

Weed ID is Latest Offering for the Taranis Platform

Building on the crop emergence and stand count capabilities released earlier this year, Tel Aviv-based precision agriculture company Taranis recently announced a new feature on its platform — advanced weed identification and herbicide prescriptions at scale. The new offering is designed to help end-users monitor and treat crop threats safely and effectively, and adds significant value to the system, says Ofir Schlam, CEO and Co-founder.


“We want to bring offerings to the market that provide value all season long,” says Schlam. Providing a service that is capable of capturing in-season information on weed problems in the field will deliver key management and stewardship benefits, from increased crop productivity through better, faster, and more accurate weed control decisions, as well as the ability to detect and manage resistant weed populations. “With over 8,000 species of known weeds, it is critical for farmers to identify which species are present in their fields to choose the right herbicide before unnecessary damage is done,” he adds.

Taranis’ platform can identify the most common broadleaf and grassy weeds, including notoriously difficult to control species such as waterhemp, blackweed, and Palmer amaranth.

“With our team of 120 expert agronomists continuously training our AI Data Sets, Taranis now has the most comprehensive weed identification system of its kind,” says Schlam. “We are making it easier than ever for farmers to identify thousands of weeds, furthering our mission to enable service providers, land managers, and producers to pre-emptively combat crop yield loss due to weeds, insects, disease, and more.”


Taranis’ newest product feature generates automated weed reports, builds performance zones for accurate herbicide spraying, and provides automatic prescriptions to be applied per detection.

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