Wanted: Digital Whizzes to Work in Agriculture

Wanted: Digital Whizzes to Work in Agriculture

Science and technology will be core to the farming revolution, which teachers and agricultural leaders envision as including robots, temperature and moisture sensors, aerial images and GPS technology, alongside big data that affects everyone — suppliers, farmers, traders, processors, retailers and consumers, HuffPost reports.


But agricultural educators and advocates are concerned about the future of agricultural education, given the industry’s broad needs and the lack of qualified job candidates. They say part of the problem is marketing: Most people, including students, equate agriculture with farming. The industry gets limited media exposure, they said, but also needs to do a better job of promoting itself, particularly as high-tech.

“We rely on software developers probably as much as Silicon Valley does,” said Eric Haggard, director of human resources, talent management and diversity and inclusion at AGCO.

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