U.S.: Iowa State Researcher Discusses Drone Swarm Technology

U.S.: Iowa State Researcher Discusses Drone Swarm Technology

An Iowa State University researcher says that the next step in the commercial drone world is to expand capacity by deploying fleets of interconnected drones, according to a piece published at News.IAState.edu.


But, according to Borzoo Bonakdarpour, an assistant professor of computer science, making that happen is not as simple as launching multiple aircraft at once. Bonakdarpour says that unlike piloting a single drone by remote control, operating a fleet requires an automated system to coordinate the task, but also allows drones to independently respond to weather, a crash or unexpected events.

To tackle this problem, Bonakdarpour and his colleagues reportedly developed a mathematical model to calculate the cost – time and energy – to complete a task based on the number of drones and recharging stations available. The model considers the energy required for each drone to complete its portion of the task and fly to a charging station as needed.

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