Trimble: Precision Agriculture More Affordable, Accessible to India

Rajan Aiyer is the Managing Director for Trimble, SAARC region, according to Chander Mohan, who interviewed him at Krishi Jagran. Aiyer is responsible for Trimble operations in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka and under his leadership Trimble has seen exponential growth with revenues in SAARC region quadrupling in the last five years. Prior to Trimble, he headed his own start-up company in Silicon Valley, California for more than four years. He has held increasingly responsible positions in R&D, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service in various Boston and Silicon Valley hi-tech companies.


Aiyer brings 24-plus years of industry experience in IT, Telecom, and Data communication fields and holds over a dozen key patents in key areas of high-speed networking and communications. He’s an active member of American Chamber of Commerce, IMA CEO Forum, IIT Alumni Association, Harvard Business School Alumni Association and is a founding member and Senior VP of Association of Geospatial Industries.

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