The Growth of Agriculture in South America is Driving Precision Ag Adoption

South America has grown into a major agricultural exporter in the past few decades. Now the question is how to keep that momentum going in countries like Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. What is going to be the next thing to shape how the South American agricultural industry continues to produce more food?


Decision-support systems have become a big player in North America, and now they are starting to take hold in South America. Many of the companies that offer these systems have entered countries in the South American market to help farmers to use their resources the best that they can. With fields typically being spread out more than in the U.S. and not always easy to access, satellite imagery has become a key tool for scouting to make sure there are no big problem areas in a field. This will help South American farmers make better decisions when it comes to spraying so they can treat areas that need it the most.

Using decision-support systems such as Farmers Edge, Encirca, Climate’s Field View, and others, farmers in South America can plan ahead for harvest time. With generally large-scale farms, they can deploy their fleet of machines in areas where they can cover the most acres. These systems are going to be an instrumental part in growing South America’s agriculture. With adoption of soil testing already firmly in place, the next step for South American producers is to integrate that into a more extensive system that brings everything throughout the season together.

Decision-support systems are going to be an important step in improving the efficiency of South American agriculture.


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