Thailand: Bonus Field Day at Precision Application Asia Conference

About 60% of the population in Thailand engages in agriculture work, and in rural areas, it is as high as 90% of the population, according to the FAO. This scenario repeats itself in other ASEAN countries and in emerging economies around the world, writes David Frabotta at AgriBusiness Global.


It is this critical mass of the population that often keeps mechanization, automation, and technology out of agriculture. Too much change too quickly could displace a workforce that might not have other places to work.

But fear of displacing workers has seldom kept technology at bay. Workers must prepare and often do by retraining for a better job, many times within the same value chain. There is a glut of research now looking at automation and its effect on labor, largely because technology is progressing so rapidly and has the potential to displace so many workers.

Workforce education is a critical step in development, and that’s why we added a bonus filed day to the Precision Application Asia Conference.


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