Taranis, Stratus Imaging to Provide Australian Farmers with Advanced Crop Monitoring Solutions

Leading precision agriculture company, Taranis, has announced its partnership with precision imaging company, Stratus Imaging, to bring specialized imagery services to farmers in Australia and strengthen its foothold in the region. With this collaboration, Taranis and Stratus Imaging will provide farmers in Australia with unprecedented insights using precision agriculture technology to make informed management decisions regarding their fields and crops.


Taranis utilizes its patented scouting technology to capture aerial imagery at sub-millimeter resolution, detecting field ailments such as weeds, insects, disease and nutrient deficiencies or growth monitoring such as emergence, row coverage and more. The company’s Artificial Intelligence-driven technologies then analyze the images and provide accurate actionable insights from the field directly to the farmer. Utilizing deep-learning technology combined with high-speed UAVs, operated in Australia by Stratus Imaging, and manned aircrafts, Taranis enables farmers to detect threats at their earliest stage and prevent damage to over 20 million acres worldwide on a granular level, to the point of identifying a specific type of insect on a singular leaf.

Stratus Imaging utilizes UAVs to perform low-altitude, high quality data collection for a broad range of crops, creating geo-referenced maps and supplying data to provide farmers and agronomists with insights to improve growth. Taranis and Stratus Imaging will combine their resources to distribute and deliver powerful high-resolution aerial imaging for Australian farmers to effectively scout their fields and respond to crop stresses at every acre.

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