Still Need Face To Face

Still Need Face To Face

Well, I just checked the reader poll this morning, and it’s pretty clear: people still like to talk to each other. In person, that is.


As an agriculture media wonk, I get lots of solicitations from vendors telling me that I need to service our readership information by some sort of electronic means — webinars, digital editions of magazines, virtual tradeshows — if it can be dreamed up it exists, believe me.

I understand that the technology can be useful, and I know that many of you have already indulged in some of above based on surveys we’ve done. I agree, there’s a time and place and level of communication that these tools make utmost sense. But ultimately, they don’t supplant the one-on-one part of being in this industry.

It can certainly be exhausting, especially as you get older — but that’s mostly about getting there and back. In fact, as I type, one of my associates is stuck in Peoria overnight due to weather. Just comes with the territory. But once I’m there at the show, the hassle goes away. There’s a rich goldmine of human perspective and interaction. I’m on my game.


More than 80% of you planned to attend a winter meeting this year, and that’s outstanding. It shows the continued importance of the people connection in the face of so much technology that vies to supplant the handshake. As a technology enthusiast I know it has a place, but only a place in the grand scheme of things. Hope to see you at an event very soon. I’ll be at Commodity Classic if you’re going.

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