Sri Lanka Can Make Farms More Productive With Emerging Technology

Sri Lanka can make farming more productive using emerging technologies of the so-called fourth industrial revolution (4IR), reports EconomyNextInstitute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka researchers Manoj Thibbotuwawa and Nimesha Dissanayaka write that rapid population growth has put tremendous pressure on the world’s agricultural systems to provide safe and nutritious food.


“Unfortunately, productivity growth has been hampered by land and water resources degradation andclimate change,” the researchers claim. “The economic and social costs of such disruptive drivers imply that the food systems need to adapt and transform.  As it stands, emerging technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) have the potential to overcome the structural weaknesses of the current food systems and deliver more productive, competitive, and sustainable outcomes.”

4IR technologies are used in agriculture in different ways, but mainly in the form of smart farming or precision agriculture. ‘Smart farming’ is a modern farm management concept that uses digital techniques to monitor and optimize the quantity and quality of agricultural products.

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