Raven Focused on Retail Education with Top Gun Training Program, SDSU Investment, Sponsorship of Accelerator Event

Raven Focused on Retail Education with Top Gun Training Program, SDSU Investment, Sponsorship of Accelerator Event

It’s no secret that the demand for precision ag technology is growing. As the world population increases, so does the need for food. Farmers are being pressured now more than ever with the constant challenge to grow more with less. It’s a challenge that Raven believes is theirs to solve. And in addition to creating best-in-class precision ag solutions, we must also focus on the next generation. And that’s why Raven is committing to education in more ways than one.


Focus on Ag Retailers

When it comes to precision agriculture, ag retailers must always be at the forefront of new technologies. From operators to location managers and precision specialists, these are the people living and breathing precision practices and tools. For that reason, Raven created the Top Gun program. Aimed specifically at the ag retailer, the program invites participants from across the U.S. and Canada to Raven headquarters to be certified as a Raven Top Gun. Participants get access to technical and operational training on Raven’s complete line of precision technology products, but also focus heavily on discussing real issues in the field. Through roundtables with Raven management and engineers, retailers get a unique opportunity to discuss current challenges and provide input on the direction of precision ag opportunities of the future.


Those interested in participating in this signature program can learn more and apply at Ravenprecision.com/top-gun.

Investing in the Future

Along with the rapidly increasing demand for precision ag technology, comes the need for a next generation of innovators. Raven, in partnership with South Dakota State University is making the first move, committing to a large investment in the current and future workforce of South Dakota. Through a historic $5 million gift, Raven is aiding in the establishment of a new Precision Agriculture Facility on the SDSU campus. Already the first land-grant university in the country to offer both a four-year degree and a minor in precision agriculture, SDSU is leading the way in the development in the next generation of precision agriculture innovators. This new facility will propel South Dakota ahead, leading the nation in precision agriculture research and education and empowering the next generation of leaders to solve tomorrow’s challenges today.

Raven is a scholarship sponsor of the inaugural PrecisionAg Professional Accelerator professional training conference, June 26-28 in Brookings, SD. For more information visit www.precisionagaccelerator.com.

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