Precision Agriculture Key To Sustainability In India

The sustainability of the agriculture production system in India appears to be under threat due to over-exploitation of natural resources, environment degradation, fall in biodiversity and exposure to production risk, according to an article on


Precision agriculture and conservation agriculture have assumed greater importance in recent years to meet such challenges and ensure long-term sustainability of the production system.

Keeping in view the advantages of precision and conservation agriculture, a five-day training programme on ‘Managing natural resources by precision and conservation agriculture’ was held from August 1 to August 5 at Punjab Agricultural Management and Extension Training Institute (PAMETI). The programme was attended by 24 extension officials from State Agriculture, Horticulture and Soil Conservation Department.

Precision agriculture has emerged during recent years as an improved management strategy to apply agricultural inputs at proper place, time and dose rather than applying uniformly over large frame. Precision agriculture is not a technology but management of crops/farms to respond to variability by using advanced technology.


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