Plantations International Brings Precision Farming Technologies To Bangalore, India

Hong Kong-based plantation and farm management company Plantations International has announced it is moving its contact centre from the Indian capital of New Delhi to the bustling I.T. hub of Bangalore.


Plantations International Global sales director Ryan Jackson said, “The move is strategic on many fronts, first of all Bangalore has a much higher quality I.T. infrastructure than New Delhi from which the company can more easily grow organically from, and secondly the Indian state of Karnataka is a hotbed of agricultural activity with thousands of potential customers.”

Plantations International is bringing its sustainable “NON GMO” Precision Farming Technologies to Bangalore and India in a big way that could save farmers up to USD$300/Acre per year.

Plantations International’s Precision Farming Technologies are set up to make it easy for farmers to maximize their broad-acre productivity, using the latest variable rate technology and systems. Soil, weather, vegetation and water vary greatly from place to place. And all these factors determine crop growth and farming success. Farmers have always been aware of this, but they lacked the tools to measure, map and manage these variations precisely. Thus, Plantations International Precision Farming Technologies can make a huge difference to the ever growing challenges that farmers face in modern day food production.


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