Philippines: DoA Launches Farmer Education Program for Digital Technologies

Philippines: DoA Launches Farmer Education Program for Digital Technologies

Farmers will soon have access to more digital tools and technologies to help boost productivity and marketability under a new initiative of the Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Training Institute and Smart Communications called the Digital Farmers Program.Through DFP, Smart aims to empower small-scale farmers through a ladderized education approach.


The first phase involves familiarizing them with smartphone features, android capabilities, social media platforms, search engines, messaging channels, and internet safety. Current and next generation farmers will also be trained on phonetography—knowledge on basic photo and videography skills to develop local agri-related contents; which will be accompanied with production, interviewing, writing and editing skills workshops.

At the same time, trainees will be tutored on mobile agriculture and financial services—3rd party farming apps, mobile e-money, micro credit, and more. The final phase will involve training on digital entrepreneurship, Internet of Things (IoT), content development modules, and advance Internet safety, such as data privacy.

DFP aims to advance the local industry’s adoption of more innovative forms of technology in farming, which is in line with the Government’s long-term vision of IoT penetration in Philippine Agriculture and overall digital inclusion. These include the use of drones, analytics, precision farming, artificial intelligence or A.I., climate and weather monitoring I.T. solutions, digital apps, e-money, blockchain, and other multi-layer platforms that would require basic knowledge of emerging technologies and deeper comprehension of its potential by end-users.


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