Next Generation of Orchard Sprayers is Autonomous

Next Generation of Orchard Sprayers is Autonomous

It’s no secret that automation is the future of agriculture. For grower John Coleman of Coleman Farming, LLC, in Fresno, CA, that realization came quite early, writes Christina Herrick on


Coleman distinctly remembers a scene from the 1984 movie “Runaway,” where robots are removing larvae from a large planting of corn.

“I remember seeing that and thinking ‘OK, this is going to happen,’” Coleman says of the movie. “I’m almost surprised it took this long. I just remember thinking ‘Oh, we’re definitely thinking we’re going to have robots on the farm.’”

And while robots aren’t plucking larvae off his cornfield, automation has made it to his family’s pistachio orchards in the form of GUSS. So when Coleman first heard about GUSS, the scene in “Runaway” was precisely what he thought about.


GUSS stands for Global Unmanned Spray System. It’s the world’s first autonomous orchard sprayer and was developed by Crinklaw Farm Services (CFS), a company that provides contract farm services for operations such as Coleman Farming.