Modern Technology Can Transform Agriculture and Rural India

While it is true that we need to maximize the use of locally available resources in rural areas, application of new technologies can go a long way in improving the quality of life in rural areas, reports Indus Dictum. It is a misconception that rural development does not need high technology inputs. This was stated by Dr. Anil K. Rajvanshi, Director of Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute (NARI), Phaltan (Maharashtra) while delivering the keynote address in a session on ‘Transforming India through S&T’ at the ongoing India International Science Festival (IISF).


Rural poor should have access to the same facilities as urban India – good lighting, wholesome food, clean drinking water and affordable health services. “Most of the goods for rural poor should be produced locally with local resources but using high technology. This will also save a lot of energy in the transportation of goods. High technology is also needed for rural development so as to maximize efficiency,” Rajvanshi said.

For instance, he said, farming could be modernized through precision agriculture which can increase productivity and make farming attractive. Precision agriculture means precise and timely input to the crops and may include autonomous robots-based farming equipment.

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