Making Sense of Sensors for Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture continues to gain interest and traction throughout the crop inputs industry, writes Dan Jacobs at AgriBusiness Global. Integrated solutions – whether they include drones, satellites, sensors, or other technologies — have much to offer growers and certainly could have an impact on application. AgriBusiness Global interviewed Ash Madgavkar, founder of Ceres Imaging, a California-based precision agriculture company that helps growers and farm advisors make intelligent farm management decisions with proprietary sensors, analytics, machine learning models, and plant science.


Madgavkar discussed how sensors fit into the larger precision agriculture picture today what role they will play in the future.

Precision application is rapidly growing around the world. What role do sensors play in precision application?

Ash Madgavkar: We host a continuing education show called “Advances in Imagery.” On our most recent episode, UC Cooperative Extension Farm Advisor, George Zhuang argued that data is the single biggest thing holding back precision application.


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