Leading Canadian Farming Co-op Brings In New Tech To Boost Precision Agriculture

Co-op, one of the largest agricultural retailers in Western Canada, is partnering with farm management company Decisive Farming to provide growers with precision agriculture, crop marketing and data management services, writes Dominika Piasecka for Co-operative News.


The move allows 125 Co-op Agro Centres to deliver new, high-value services with Decisive Farming’s technology and service platforms.

“It’s a win for us, Co-op and their loyal growers,” said Remi Schmaltz, chief executive of Decisive Farming.

“Our variable-rate services have a proven track record and Co-op can offer these same services to its growers without capital investment, years of in-field trials or having to build software and apps from the ground up.”


Decisive Farming’s patented flagship product, Optimize RX, uses soil analysis and GIS mapping to help farmers efficiently seed and fertilise their crops, maximising yield and return on investment.

The company’s cloud-based software app, My Farm Manager, connects key service providers, sensors and data, helping users manage and optimise their entire farming operation.

Read the full story on Co-operative News website.

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