Israel: Startup Getting Close on Fruit Picking Drone

Israel: Startup Getting Close on Fruit Picking Drone


Gedera, Israel area-based Tevel Aerobotics Technologies says it has come up with an automated drone that can do the labor-intensive fruit-picking quickly and efficiently, taking over from humans in the orchards and greenhouses, writes Federico Maccioni for

“There is a massive shortage of fruit-picking labor,” Tevel’s founder and CEO Yaniv Maor told The Times of Israel by phone. “Around the world, you can see this problem everywhere you go.”

In the U.S., China, Japan, Europe and elsewhere, Maor said, there is an increasing gap between fruit consumption, which is growing, and farming manpower, which is declining. While farmers keep investing in land, irrigation, and labor, much of the fruit is left hanging on the trees because there are not enough people to pick it when it is ripe.

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