Is It the Right Time for Tesla to Head for Agriculture Sector?

The global leading EVs manufacturer, Tesla, is planning to expand its business in the food and agriculture sector, writes Christopher Bailey at Online Industry News. Since 2016, farming has been at the last place in terms of incorporating digital technologies at field and farm level. However, recently, investors are taking a huge interest in integrating digital technologies to improve farming efficiently in the coming years. In 2018, owing to huge investment — 43% up from the previous year’s investment, the capital of ag-tech firms reached $16.9 Billion. Even the globally known personalities such as Bill Gates and Kimbal Musk (Elon’s brother) are investing in ag tech and other agriculture-based companies.


Tesla stated that while several progressive farmers, investors, and big producers are looking to follow the path to revolutionize agriculture, the company is seeing itself quite ahead in developing complicated technologies such as robotics, computer vision, AI, and data science. These emerging technologies can play a crucial role in designing robots that can efficiently manage the manual work in farms and fields.

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