IoT’s Role in Revolutionizing Agriculture

Perhaps no recent tech development has had a greater impact on the industry than smart technology, and this IoT data is being used to improve operations across nearly all modern farming operations around the globe, according to an article at TechNative. Here are a few examples.


Precision Agriculture

Farmers were among the first to adopt GPS technology; John Deere was the first tractor manufacturer to implement GPS technologies in the early 1990s, and farmers quickly began using GPS assistance and even automated steering to reduce user errors. GPS technology can be combined with sensor data to create ultra-precise maps of varying factors. Knowing how soil quality varies across large plots of land, for example, can help farmers know which areas need which type of fertilizers. Although it’s often thought of as a somewhat rustic field, today’s agriculture depends heavily on computers. By using comprehensive and integrated systems, farmers are better able to plan their farms and more precisely apply various necessary elements of farming, including pesticides and herbicides, reducing costs significantly. Farmers often work on tight margins, and small inefficiencies can quickly make a farm unprofitable. Precision farming, powered by the IoT, is essential for remaining competitive, and consumers and the environment should benefit from the efficiency.

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