Integrated CBD Sets Sustainable Hemp Farming Standards with Completion of Precision Irrigation Technology Installation

Integrated CBD, an institutional scale and quality supply chain leader for hemp-derived CBD, has announced the installation completion of plant-based sensor technology, powered by ag-tech company Phytech, on their approximately 10,000-acre industrial hemp farm in Yuma County, AZ. As one of the largest organic hemp farm operations in the U.S, Integrated CBD is creating the highest standards and practices for sustainable farming at scale in the fast-growing CBD marketplace, tapping into emerging technologies to advance their mission.


Placed at the base of the crop’s stalk, Phytech’s sensors measure and analyze plant health data which includes water availability and stress levels, two key elements that determine plant water economy. The direct plant-sensing platform uses machine learning algorithms to identify optimal times of the day to activate subsurface drip irrigation. This smart agriculture technology streamlines irrigation efficiencies at scale, optimizing crop productivity and quality, minimizing expenses and reducing overall environmental impact.

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