Indian Farmers Look to Harvest the Fruits of AI

Come December, tur growers in Karnataka can look forward to the prospect of having a better visibility on the price trend of the red gram at least for the next six months, which could help them take an informed marketing decision, write Vishwanath Kulkarni and Venkatesh Ganesh on


A multi-variant price forecasting model for tur crop, being developed by Microsoft for the Karnataka government using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms, is expected to help growers.

Similarly, in the next few years, an apple or pomegranate farmer may be able to estimate his crop size based on an image of fruits on a tree in his orchard. Using the same image, even the grading of the produce can be done before it is harvested. Likewise, for a potato farmer, the risk of disease outbreak can be predicted in advance based on emerging weather parameters. And soil moisture levels in the farm can be assessed using an image from remote-sensing satellite to carry out timely irrigation and targeted fertilizer/pesticide application.

Thanks to AI and a host of digital tools such as cognitive computing, image processing and advanced analytics by technology majors IBM and Microsoft, precision agriculture is set to get a major boost as innovative solutions take root in the Indian agrarian landscape.



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