India: How Agritech Incubator Indigram Labs Is Ushering in a New Green Revolution

It is a great time to be an agribusiness in India writes Sohini Mitter at YourStory. Although we’ve traditionally been an agrarian economy, with nearly two-thirds of the country’s population earning its livelihood on farms, there is a renewed focus on the sector lately. Not only is the government more pro-active in doling out schemes and incentives for farmers, private funding has also gone up now.


As a result, a host of agri companies have mushroomed in the last 24-36 months. They are using new-age technologies to improve crop output, better farm management, increase farmer incomes, eliminate pesky middlemen, and drive efficiencies in the entire farm-to-fork value chain. Playing a critical role in the development of the sector are agribusiness incubators. Delhi-based Indigram Labs is one of India’s first private incubators focused on agritech and related businesses.

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