ICL Innovates With Amazon Web Services to Deliver Digital Services to Agriculture Professionals

ICL, a leading global specialty minerals and specialty chemicals company, has announced that it will work closely with AWS to accelerate the development of its open digital services platform designed to enhance the capabilities of agronomists and other agriculture professionals, driving farming improvement, according to PR Newswire.


The platform will harness in-field, crowdsourced and academic data, as well as data contributed from leading global partners, to create new capabilities for ag professionals, and the ability to quickly create actionable insights, empowered by data analytics. The development of the new digital services platform for ag professionals will provide unique access to currently untapped data as well as actionable recommendations provided by insights and analytics. The platform is taking advantage of AWS advanced analytics and machine learning tools to unlock these agronomic insights and enable agronomists and other ag professionals to extend better services to drive growth of crop yields and sustainability.

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