How Land O’Lakes is Helping Shape the Future of Ag Tech

How Land O’Lakes is Helping Shape the Future of Ag Tech

Agriculture has seen major strides in technology over recent years, and as the original entrepreneurs, farmers are always ready to test new methods and tools that could help improve yield and profitability, while simultaneously enhancing efforts to safeguard the environment, writes Chuck Lippstreu on


As a member-owned cooperative that works every day with farmers and agricultural retailers, Land O’Lakes, Inc. is constantly working to help farmers do more with less.

The past month has been especially exciting for the company’s work on technology and innovation, with new opportunities to talk about the tools it has developed and the research it is leading.

Here’s the latest:


Showcasing the Next Generation of Technology on the Farm

October’s Food, Ag, Ideas Week hosted in the Twin Cities was an opportunity for Land O’Lakes ag tech experts to share a few areas where the company sees opportunity in the coming years.

“Everyone in agriculture talks about how we have to feed around nine billion people in the next 30 years. Sometimes that seems a long way off,” said Ryan Miller, a WinField United ag tech specialist. “But think about the problem another way: It’s 30 harvests away. We have 30 tries to get this right.”

Miller was showing visitors how field imagery is moving ahead, harnessing improved satellites, autonomous drones, and in-field cameras to create better images that could give farmers a more holistic look at their farms and help improve yields.

A New Brand Delivering Insights to the Farm in Real Time

As farmers work to improve yields and profitability, they’re also focused on safeguarding the air, land and water. Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN is focused on helping them advance and connect their stewardship efforts across the food value chain.

That’s why the company created Truterra — launched at the end of September — which aims to advance the agricultural industry’s ability to support conservation at scale across a variety of crops, commodities, and commitments.

The new brand is rooted in the Truterra Insights Engine, an interactive on-farm digital platform that will help farmers advance their stewardship goals and return-on-investment in real time, acre-by-acre, and help food companies measure sustainability progress.


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