Florida Blue Farms Digging Data for Savings and Profit


Brittany Lee of Waldo-based Florida Blue Farms stands in front of a young planting of blueberries. Photo by Frank Giles


Brittany Lee is no stranger to land management, writes Frank Giles on GrowingProduce.com. She grew up around it, observing her parents who owned and operated a real estate company that focused mostly on developing rural and agricultural properties in Florida.

Born and raised in Gainesville, Lee attended the University of Florida. She continues to live there with her husband Ryan Brown, raising their son Jeb, with their blueberry farm just up the road in Waldo.

“After college, I held a few short-term jobs, but always knew that I would return to the family business,” Lee says. “I got my real estate license and came back to join my parents.”

In the course of doing business, a property that was financed by the company came back into their possession. This was during the economic downturn, so Lee says they began investigating good uses for the property.


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