Farmobile Details New AGCO Distribution Deal

Farmobile today announced a strategic partnership with AGCO, a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment. The agreement will allow Farmobile to extend the distribution of its passive uplink connection (PUC), a small plug-and-play device that connects in the cab of any machine and automatically collects and stores machine and agronomy data in one place. In an initial release program with Farmobile, AGCO dealerships in the United States will have the ability to sell the PUC and related software subscription services to customers.


The program will be rolled out in early 2017 for select AGCO dealerships in the United States. Global expansion is expected to begin by the end of next year.

“AGCO’s focus on practical solutions for farmers as well as their commitment to the transparency of data privacy and ownership clearly aligns with our farmer-centric model,” said Jason Tatge, CEO of Farmobile. “We think it makes complete sense for AGCO to partner with an independent data company to enhance their customers’ ability to collect data. AGCO customers will be able to connect their entire equipment fleet to enable a single, uniform data standard across brands. Our Electronic Field Records (EFRs) make it simple for farmers to collect, store, touch, and share their digital assets. Mixed fleet data collection at scale has never been easier; this partnership provides customer reach to our already robust data services.”

With Farmobile, AGCO will expand its offering for collecting, storing and sharing farm data across mixed fleet operations. The partnership will broaden farmers’ access to enhanced data services that streamline data management, ensure farmers own the data outright, can use it to make decisions on their farms, and ultimately help them improve profitability.


With dealerships worldwide, the partnership with AGCO represents a significant potential to increase reach as Farmobile scales the commercial side of the business.

With a 2017 initial release in the United States and Europe, the Farmobile data services will complement the fleet and operational services already available through AGCO’s Fuse Connected Services offering.

“This partnership with Farmobile complements our existing technology and equipment to ensure our customers have the best data tools on the market today,” said Eric Hansotia, Senior Vice President, Global Crop Cycle, Advanced Technology Solutions and Dealer Tech Support at AGCO. “We’ll enhance our existing offerings to connect mixed fleets and ensure that farmers have a near real-time view of their entire field operation from planting to spraying to harvest. We’re proud to have found a partner that shares our feeling that data collected belongs completely to the farmer.”

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