Ethiopia Launching Digital Agro-Climate Advisory Platform

In the midst of Ethiopia’s exponential population climb and the strikes of the climate emergency with erratic rains, dry spells, sharp floods and failed crops, the country has launched a digital agro-climate advisory platform, called EDACaP, to put resilience at the center of agricultural livelihoods, reports Addis Ababa at AllAfrica.


“From paper, we’ve gone digital,” said Dr. Eyasu Abreha, Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture, celebrating the launch of the EDACaP. The advisory platform is composed of four complementary elements: an agro-climate database hub, climate modelling, crop modelling, and a dissemination platform. EDACaP combines 1) geographical data, including geospatial information on site characteristics and agroecological zones; 2) climate data, both historical and projections from scenario analysis; 3) weather data, using seasonal and sub-seasonal data; 4) soil data, including physical, biological and chemical characteristics; 5) crop data and varieties, currently focused primarily on cereals but soon expanding to legumes, stimulants and vegetables; and 6) agronomic information, mainly concentrated on management data.

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