Eleos Robotics: Revolutionizing Agriculture with Artificially Intelligent Robots

The advancements in technology are compelling businesses to adapt new innovative technological tools and solution to support exponential growth, reports Analytics Insight. In particular, the era of intelligent automation is bringing about a variety of changes in a business. The innovative paradigm of AI-driven solutions gives an edge to enterprises and adds value to it. Eleos Robotics is one such company which adapted to Intelligent Automation to revamp the way agricultural industry performs.


Eleos Robotics invented the RoboWeeder an artificially intelligent weeding killing robot that uses patent-pending precision heating technology to control weeds organically and autonomously. The company sells RoboWeeder fully maintained and monitored remotely to vineyards and berry farms. Eleos has a full suite of disruptive agriculture technologies of different development stages in their product pipeline.

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