Deere Report Highlights Unique Position to Deliver Sustainable Outcomes

Feeding a growing world through innovation. Helping produce higher yields through automation. Enhancing environmental stewardship through data-driven decision making. Empowering economic prosperity by investing in entrepreneurs. These are among the stories featured in “A Power For Good,” Deere’s annual sustainability report now available online.


“Today, more than any other time during my 44-year career at John Deere, I see the power of the John Deere Strategy to deliver sustainable outcomes for our customers, employees, investors, communities, and the world,” said Samuel R. Allen , chairman and chief executive officer, in the report’s introductory letter.

Highlighting John Deere’s unique position, the new and expanded report emphasizes Deere’s progress in precision agriculture. “Precision agriculture is an area that will define the future of agriculture and one in which John Deere aspires to be the undisputed leader,” Allen said. “Our innovations allow customers to use less fuel and to plant seeds and apply fertilizer and herbicide with pinpoint accuracy. These innovations permit farmers not only to be more productive and profitable as they feed a growing population, but also to safeguard the soil, water, and air upon which their livelihoods depend.”

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