CropIn Aims to be a Global Leader in AgTech Sector

CropIn Aims to be a Global Leader in AgTech Sector

Krishna Kumar created AgTech startup, CropIn Technology in 2010, along with co-founders Kunal Prasad and Chittranjan Jena. The trio went on to develop a state of the art, innovative solutions system to address several pain points of various stakeholders in the agricultural ecosystem globally, writes Sujata Sangwan on the BW Disrupt website.


Today, CropIn is one of the leading AgTech companies that provide SaaS based services to agribusinesses globally, with the vision to maximize per acre value and the mission to make every farm traceable. With robust solutions that are crop and region agnostic, CropIn has digitized over 1.8 million acres of farmland, enriching the lives of 500,000 + farmers while working with 125+ clients.

From a small bootstrapped start-up that originated in a single-room office in Bangalore’s Indiranagar locality, CropIn has now reached a stage where it has raised a funding of $4 million till date. The company has had a year-on-year revenue growth of 2X and is ambitious to achieve an even higher growth rate the coming year.

CropIn has had an exponential expansion in its human resources, with strong internal business development, technical and sales & marketing teams which collaboratively ensure that the company leads the AgTech market, with cutting-edge technologies and a strong business acumen.