Corteva’s Granular Expands AcreValue with Custom Boundaries, Claim My Land

Granular‘s AcreValue, a leading online land intelligence solution for U.S. farmers, landowners, and land professionals, has released two new digital tools for farmers, landowners, and their business collaborators to research land and to network — Claim My Land and Custom Boundaries.


AcreValue is a digital solution from Granular, part of Corteva Agriscience’s digital business platform, provides software to help make farming more efficient and profitable, while preserving and enhancing the value of farmland.

With Custom Boundaries, AcreValue users now have the ability to explore and map land across the U.S. by either clicking on an existing real estate tax parcel or by drawing their own property boundary. This is important because land transactions (e.g., renting, buying and selling) don’t always take place along existing property boundaries — they may include multiple parcels, part of a parcel, or just the tillable acreage.

Adam Litle, Senior Vice President of Revenue for Granular, says Claim My Land offers a first-in-kind digital networking tool for landowners to more quickly and efficiently manage their land investment over time.


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