ConBAP 2018 Highlights Precision Agriculture in Brazil

The Brazilian Congress of Precision Agriculture 2018 (ConBAP 2018) was held October 2-4 in Curitiba, Paraná. Held every two years, ConBAP is considered Brazil’s largest ag tech and scientific event. It brings together about 800 participants among researchers, extension professionals, students, companies, and farmers involved in precision agriculture. This year’s event featured the theme: “Data Construction in the Era of Agricultural Digitalization.”


The panels discussed topics such as big data in agriculture, machine learning, data mining, and deep learning. Several platforms of digital agriculture were demonstrated and discussed by experts in the field. It was also discussed how Brazilian precision agriculture companies are offering services to improve profitability and embrace this new dynamic.

One of the keynote speakers was Kenneth Sudduth, USDA Researcher, Columbia, MO, and former President of the International Society of Precision Agriculture (ISPA) from 2014 to 2016. He discussed data-driven advances in his lecture.

Monagri Consulting attended the event and closed it with a lecture on how to make so many systems and platforms compatible. Brazil has more than 340 ag tech companies, and several international companies are also entering our country. The objective was to demonstrate how Mato Grosso’s consultants and farmers are working with so many different systems and platforms,


The talk began with the evolution of the data extraction system of the machines. In 2012, it was basically done by removing the data via USB port and opening maps using Apex (John Deere). And currently the process has evolved to using Redecan extractors and new management platforms.

ConBAP 2018 Highlights Precision Agriculture in Brazil

During the presentation we highlighted a farm of 11,200 hectares in north Mato Grosso, where we have eight systems in use: Totvs, Strider, John Deere Operation Center, Climate FieldView, Farmers Edge, Drone Deploy, DataFarm, and Fockink irrigation. Our objective was to show the function of each platform, the difficulties of integration, and how to obtain value from each one of them.

ConBAP 2018 Highlights Precision Agriculture in Brazil

Monagri Consulting presented at ConBAP 2018.

We have seen that many big farms in Brazil are now evaluating different systems and platforms. This process is a new one in the industry.

In my view, the key points for deciding what is the best platform to use will be the one that shows most value for managing information and integrating with other platforms (APIs). We are going through a period of transition and the discussions started at ConBAP will continue in future Brazilian ag tech events.

The next ConBAP will be held in 2020 in the city of Campinas, São Paulo. For more information, visit

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