China: UAVs Help to Improve Apple Cultivation in Shaotong

Being the most suitable region for apple cultivation in southern China, Shaotong has a long history of growing apples, according to an article at Recently, Eavision have deepened their cooperation with the Yongfeng Haisheng Apple Production Center in Shaotong. Their UAVs are going to carry out plant protection operations in premium apple orchards. This is an effort carried out by the two companies in jointly forging the “City of the Apple” and launching the “green food brand” of Zhaotong.


“The Yongfeng Haisheng Apple Production Center has 5,000 mu of orchards and plans to expand another 50,000 mu by the end of the year. The use of our UAVs will help them modernize the apple orchards,” shared Junpeng Liu, Manager of Eavision.

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