Brazil’s Solinftec Sets Up Shop in the U.S.

Brazilian digital agriculture company Solinftec has set up its North American offices at Purdue Research Park in West Lafayette, Indiana, and is trying to create a data-aggregation system powered by artificial intelligence that allows U.S. farmers to closely monitor everything from rainfall to tractor-fuel consumption, and use that data to develop ways to save money and increase yields, according to an article in the Indianapolis Business Journal.


Solinftec has grown quickly over the last few years by offering data-crunching products to increase the efficiency of sugarcane farms in Brazil and now hopes to broach the North American market by expanding its expertise into crops such as corn and soybeans.

“Multiple technologies and practices in agriculture were born in North America and then shared across the globe,” Solinftec Chief Operating Officer Daniel Padrao told the Indianapolis Business Review. “In order to continue growing as a leader in digital agriculture, we needed to have a presence here.”

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